Silverstein Properties has been working hard to prepare for our tenants’ return to the workplace. We are in constant communication with government agencies, healthcare leaders, industry associations, and our tenants. From those discussions, and based upon 60 years’ experience in this business, we have produced a detailed set of plans and procedures that will ensure your safe and confident transition back to the workplace.

Our operations department has been working around the clock keeping your building open, well-maintained, clean and safe. Guided by the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and the New York City Department of Health, we are undertaking daily enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures at all touchpoint and common areas, including the main lobby, elevators and bathrooms.

All of our building staff – from the security guards to our cleaning contractors – are required to wear personal protective equipment at all times. We have installed social distancing signage and guidelines throughout all of our lobbies, elevators and other shared spaces. We are encouraging our tenants to consider ‘staggered arrival and departure times’ to enable their employees to better navigate the various transportation options, and the number of people they will encounter on their way to work, and on their way home. We have also developed new screening procedures for mail and package delivery, and you can now have food delivered directly to your office.

Silverstein Properties doesn’t just own and manage our office buildings. We are also a tenant in our own building at 7 World Trade Center. And you can be sure that everything we are doing to safeguard ourselves, we are also doing for you and your colleagues.

The policies and procedures below cover everything from cleaning and social distancing protocols to a suite of brand new services that will make the transition easier for everyone. Our priority is your health and safety, as well as your colleagues, your guests, and own building staff, vendors and contractors.



Inspire, the company’s hospitality app available to all of its tenants.  It contains real-time building updates, a CDC chatbot and health information, an occupancy calendar, safe distancing seating plans, food delivery options, wellness activities, and antibody testing locations.

Please download the app by scanning the QR Code below.

 QR code to download inspire



The workplace is changing. Dojo helps you plan for what comes next.

With Dojo Back to Work, companies can navigate the transition back to the office (who comes back, when, and how) and maximize productivity without risking employees’ safety.

Dojo combines patent-pending AI and behavioral science to design efficient workplaces that make people more effective.





To learn about all the new services Silverstein is offering, click below.



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Additonally, Silverstein Properties has established building protocols for all of our office properties to ensure a healthy and safe environment to welcome our tenants’ return. From enhanced cleaning and air filtration measures to new codes of elevator etiquette, our priority is to protect the health and safety of everyone in our buildings.

Please review your building's protocol below: