Silverstein Capital Partners


Silverstein Capital Partners


Silverstein Capital Partners (“SCP”) is a real estate lending enterprise providing a variety of loan types and rescue capital to borrowers on all major product types in top-20 urban markets in North America. Since its inception in 2018, SCP has committed $2 billion concentrated in mixed-use construction and condo inventory loans. SCP has raised a total of $4 billion with the closing of our third $2 billion fund in December 2021. 

SCP offers borrowers creative financial structuring, the ability to move quickly, and a one-stop financial solution on loans of scale that we hold. Our access to Silverstein’s in-house design, development, leasing, and asset management allows us to efficiently underwrite and bid complicated projects.

SCP’s lending mirrors Silverstein’s overall business strategy of investing in large-scale, mixed-use projects in growing national markets.  Our $2 billion of newly committed capital and deep-pocketed investors provides us significant liquidity and ability to close though turbulent market conditions.

Leveraging over 50 years of real estate experience, we understand the complexities of development, efficiently navigating the capital stack to better position investments for long-term growth. Silverstein Properties history as borrowers and builders makes us a trustworthy source for developers, able to quickly structure deals that provide efficient capital to sponsors.